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What's New with STATdx?

  • Power and Flexibility behind the Scenes: STATdx 6 will be built on an all-new platform, which means STATdx will be able to handle new types of media and continuously bring you new content updates as soon as they are available.
  • Improved Login and Session Management: We’ve thought of the little things, like storing your password in your browser, so you will not have to enter it each time you log in.
  • Improved Content Organization: STATdx 6 introduces several organizational changes for the abundant and varied content included in the world’s largest repository of expert-created information and images for radiologists.
  • New Personalization Features: Personalize the way you want to view the content and keep track of the information that is most important to you.
  • Better Search Capabilities: Now, search across all 200,000 images! Also, in STATdx 6, the Google search engine adapts to the way you and other radiology professionals search, bringing you more relevant information every time you search.


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