Viewing Differential Diagnosis

Differential Diagnosis


The Differential Diagnosis document is where you will find essential information such as key differential diagnosis issues and helpful clues for common, less common, and rare diagnoses. 

Scroll through the images of the common, less common, and rare diagnosis on the right-hand side. From here you can also activate compare and preview.  On the left side, you will find key differential diagnosis issues.


There are a few ways to find differential diagnosis documents in STATdx. 

To find the differential diagnosis in a given category simply click on the category tile from the landing page. Next, select Differential Diagnosis. Clicking the title take you further into the content hierarchy. Or simply click the arrow to expand the section. 


Select the ddx Icon from the menu on the left-hand side of the page to navigate directly to the related differential diagnoses. Select a differential diagnosis from the list to view the common, less common, and rare but important differential diagnoses.


Link or preview to the top Differential Diagnoses directly from a diagnosis document by scrolling to the Differential Diagnosis portion of the Key Facts. Click the name of the differential diagnoses to see the full document or preview the differential diagnoses by clicking the Magnifying Glass Icon. 


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