Viewing the Landing Page

1. Return to the STATdx Landing Page 

Click the logo to quickly return to the landing page from anywhere within STATdx. 

2. Search

Enter a search term and select the Image Icon to see the image results of your search query.

Enter a finding like "black dots" and select the Document Icon to view the related information.


3. Compare 

Click the Compare Icon next to a diagnosis. When you are ready, click Compare to view your selected diagnoses side by side. 


4. 5. Customize Your View

Pin Categories by clicking the Push Pin Icon in the lower right side of a category tileRepeat the action to remove the pin.  

Click the Minimize Icon to minimize the Primary Category Tiles. Your Pinned Categories will remain maximized.  Repeat the same action to revert to tile view. 


6. View Bookmarked Material 

Click the Bookmark Ribbon to view bookmarked content. Easily navigate back to your selected documents by clicking on the title. 


7. Browse Recently Viewed/updated content

Click Recently Viewed to see a list of recently accessed documents. Select a document from the list to navigate back to it. 

Click Recently Updated to stay up to date on the recent additions to STATdx.


8. Other Actions 

Click the Question Mark Icon to ask a question, report a problem or submit a content correction. 

Change your password by clicking the Gear Icon. 

Click the Power Icon to end your session. 



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