Diagnosis Documents include key facts such as terminology, imaging, top differential diagnosis, pathology, and clinical issues. The key facts are located on the left-hand side. The images are located on the right. Continue reading to learn how to navigate to related patient cases, imaging anatomy and differential diagnoses. 


Related Documents 

Use the menu to navigate to Patient Cases, Anatomy, and Differential Diagnosis documents. The number indicates how many related documents are available for each type. Click on a document type below to learn more. 

View Related Patient cases
View Related Anatomy Documents 
View Related Differential Diagnoses 


Click Next and Previous links in the heading of each section to quickly navigate through each section of the document


Use the breadcrumbs to move through the content tree. 


Viewing Images 

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the image. Selected images are those that are in our various publications. Additional Images are exclusively in STAtdx. 


The navigation arrows will appear when you hover your mouse on either side of an enlarged image. Click the arrows to scroll through the image gallery. 


Click Download to Presentation, found caption of an enlarged, image to create a PowerPoint slide. 

*In accordance with the STAtdx License Agreement, Images can be used for educational purposes only. 



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