Enter a search term and select between viewing the search results of related documents or images. 

Document Search 

Enter a search term or a finding in the search field. Select the Document Icon to view related content. 

Narrow your search results be limiting results to a category by selecting it from the drop-down menu (2). Additionally, filter your search results by category or document type (3).  

Preview the document and images of the search results by clicking on the Preview Icon (4). 

Select the desired document from the search results (5) or select Full Document from the preview pane


Image Search

Enter a term or a finding in the search field and select the Image Icon (6) to view the search results.

 Click the image title (7) to see the corresponding document. 


Still looking for more?

Scroll to the bottom of the document to RADseach (8) additional search options like Pubmed, Key Radiology Journals, and Google Scholar. 

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